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Announcing: The End Time Blog Podcast!

By Elizabeth Prata

I’m not a huge fan of podcasts myself. I prefer to read than listen. That’s the autism speaking. I’m extremely sensitive to sounds or anything auditory. But I recognize that many people are too busy to sit down and read edifying material, but they do have time when they exercise, drive, fold laundry, etc. My goal with my social media is to get as much biblical content in front of women as possible, and if listening is the way to get it there, then I’ll do what it takes. Including broadcasting a podcast.

WordPress hosts my blog. WordPress has recently joined with Anchor FM. Anchor powers 80% of new material on Spotify. Anchor has made it incredibly easy to record a podcast right from my written WordPress blog. So I jumped.

Now, don’t get excited. This podcast is simply me reading my blog essay with some provided music to intro and exit. That’s it. It isn’t showy. Sound quality is just meh. It won’t have guests because I am terrible at conversation. It’ll just remain a recording of me, reading what I had written on my blog.

Now there will be a link at the top of my written WordPress essays to the podcast on Spotify. It will also be on AnchorFM ( In a short while from now, it will be available on Apple podcasts, too. (It takes up to 10 days for the 1st podcast to be published on Apple, after that it will only be a few hours). After a short while, it’ll be picked up by Stitcher, iTunes, etc and all the rest, too. I’ll post those links when the podcast propagates. If you don’t find it searching The End Time Blog Podcast, search my name, Elizabeth Prata.

The podcast is called, unimaginatively, The End Time Blog Podcast, lol. I’ll be spending part of my Spring Break from school recording immediately past essays into podcasts. I believe they will run between 8 and 13 minutes or so. My verses in the blog are all hyperlinked, as well as many of the links to the material I quote, so you can find further information at the WordPress blog, though I’ll mention the sources, of course.

Podcast Cover Art

How it looks on Spotify-

How it looks on Anchor-

I appreciate all of you; your prayers, your questions, your support, your interest. My joy is to know women come to know the Lord better through any of the material I post here, whether my own writing or the resources I include, but mainly through the Bible verses I post.

Where to find me:

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