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When My Work On Earth’s Complete

BY Jill Mackey*

The day I fly to Heaven
and walk on streets of gold-
I’ll be greeted by Lord Jesus
and all the saints of old.

I’ll see the ones I loved in life
who took the flight before-
a crowd of waiting witnesses
as I enter heaven’s door.

I’ll touch my Savior’s nail-pierced hands
and where thorns had scarred His face-
He suffered on the cross with love-
my sins covered by His grace.

I’ll sit down at the marriage feast
of the spotless Lamb,
and bend my knee in worship
on Heaven’s holy land.

Though glory is before me
there is more life for me down here;
opportunities to show God’s love
to the many I hold dear.

But when God calls me to Him
and I fall down at His feet
I’ll know my flight to Heaven means
my work on earth’s complete.

*Copyright Jill Mackey. Used with permission.

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Christian writer and Georgia teacher's aide who loves Jesus, a quiet life, art, beauty, and children.

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