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How could the Israelites defect from God so fast? We ask. But…

By Elizabeth Prata

Author Gregory Cook in his commentary on Nahum (Severe Compassion: The Gospel According to Nahum), said that we tend to judge Israel harshly when we read the Old Testament. We think, ‘Oh those silly Israelites, how could they defect from the faith so quickly!’ But Dr. Cook said that we, in the church age, have an even greater responsibility. We have a better Mediator than Moses, who is Christ. We have the completed canon. We have the fuller revelation. We have the explicit Gospel. Cook wrote,

I have sought to demonstrate from Scripture that those of us who have received the full Bible, who have Jesus as a mediator, and who have known the gospel commit a much more serious sin than the Israelites when we love the world more than God. Does the television fascinate you more than the Bible? Do you care more about success at work than God’s glory? Do you willingly suffer shame and scorn for the sake of Christ? Ask yourself hard questions and be willing to answer honestly. Is there anything in your life that excites your passion more than Jesus? If so, you need to consider that the sins listed in the Old Testament are specks, while yours is a log.

Log, meet eye


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