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Prata Potpourri: Kitchens, Books, Encouragement, Eclipse- more

I hope you all have had a really good week. We started school on July 31 and this is the first week I feel like I’ve got a handle on things, lol. My body has gotten used to the pace. I went from nearly 0 during summer to 1000 mph in one day and it doesn’t let up. I love it though. The kids make me laugh every day. I listen to their little conversations, like, is DC comics or Marvel better? Is there anybody who likes Aquaman? Who is going to live longer, Jesus or Santa Claus?

With school starting again church is also getting busier. Groups, Fellowship, discipling, all gearing up and getting busier. A large demographic of our church membership is college students (Univ. GA) and they have returned from their summer breaks, internships, and travels and missions abroad. I love being busy. I also look forward to the day when my glorified body will never be tired and the work I do will never have impure motivations or blots of sin associated with it.

With apologies to Do Not Be Surprised, who always does a popular news roundup on Fridays, here is Prata Potpourri. Sorry, Erin, this is just how the schedule fell this month! 🙂

Garret Kell muses on giving grace with our words, and writes about How and why to be encouraging:

Receiving the note led me to open up my Bible and dig around to see what the Lord says to us about encouragement. As I read passage after passage, I was struck by how vital this expression of love is for God’s people. In one sense, encouragement is like oxygen in the life of a church. It keeps hearts beating, minds clear, and hands inspired to serve.


Should kids be on a Bible reading Plan? David Murray thinks yes. He says that,

Of the books I’ve written, Exploring the Bible is the one I’m most excited about. My hope and dream is that through it many children will learn the holy life-long habit of daily Bible reading.”

Got to start somewhere, sometime, right? Check this out: Exploring the Bible: A Bible Reading Plan for Kids


Have you counseled someone, informally, trying to encourage them in their grief, depression, sadness? It’s hard to know what to say. Here, Suzanne Holland shares Three Things You’ll Never Hear Me Say in a Counseling Session and then shares things to say that might have more meaning and impact on the person instead.


When I write about a certain teacher’s lifestyle, their moral character, or their personal behavior, and I’m not talking about homosexuality or lesbianism, I often receive negative criticism for it. I’m told that I can’t or shouldn’t comment on their life, or their morals, only on their teaching. I always reply that BOTH life and doctrine are part of the assessment we make on whether a teacher’s life and doctrine is appropriate in which to participate. (11 Timothy 4:16).

Here, Tim Challies writes Why We Must Emphasize A Pastor’s Character Over His Skill.

The New Testament clearly, repeatedly, and unapologetically lays out the qualifications of a pastor. What is so remarkable yet so often overlooked is this: Pastors are called and qualified to their ministry not first through their raw talent, their finely-honed skill, or their great accomplishments, but through their godly character.

In other words, character counts.


The Thirsty Theologian has A Solar Saga. Loading up the family in the car and trundling off across America to see…what they would see!


As a person interested in science and science books. Gavin has some interesting thoughts in reviewing and discussing Carl Sagan’s book Contact. Reflections on Carl Sagan’s Contact.


Maine historian and writer Julie-Ann Baumer has some thoughts about a very good book set in Maine, about Maine people, by Louise Dickinson Rich, called The Peninsula.

The book, filled with wit and Down East humor, also has enough philosophy to lift one’s spirits during these dark days of August.

Dark, because when summer comes we often let our brain atrophy as we slow down and let things go!


Interior designer and general kook and hijinks coordinator Victoria Elizabeth Barnes has a thing lately about kitchens … kitchen sinks … and luxury kitchens. I’m just glad mine works.

Have a wonderful long weekend and an enjoyable week!


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