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Trump or Hillary? How believers should look at the 2016 Election

I love America but to be honest, in my lifetime the political process has often failed to produce a candidate for President in whom my vote would not feel like a failure of conscience.

So I’ve always voted my conscience. I often vote third party or simply write-in. Others have told me that doing so “is a waste of my vote”, because “they’ll never get elected.” But that’s lemming thinking. I am not voting numerically, I’m voting the heart, conscience, and issues. I have one vote and I treasure it. I feel that throwing my vote into a numerical pot simply to “go along” is a waste of my vote.

The Master’s Seminary published this short video offering a biblical perspective to those Christians struggling with the obvious quandary this year’s Presidential Election presents. Here is their lead-in:

It’s election season! So how should believers look at the 2016 race? Jesse Johnson, Associate Dean of the Master’s Seminary’s Washington D.C. location talks about it in this video. Jamie Jackson talks to Jesse Johnson about a Christian perspective on the 2016 US presidential election. How do Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton factor into the conversation? How should believers think about the current political landscape?

The video is at this link.

The video is just four and a half minutes long. I hope its concise but potent advice blesses you and gives you either food for thought or confidence in your own voting decisions.


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