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Name above all names

Did you ever know how often the book of Acts refers to “the name”? A search on BibleGateway results in 62 times where the word ‘name’ is in a verse. Only a few of them are verses where the word is used to record the actual name of someone. The bulk of the verses in Acts refer to the name of Jesus. We are told Saul will suffer for His name, power is given in the name, they tried to stop preaching in His name, being baptized in His name, preaching the Good News in His name…THE NAME. Below is one of my favorite verses from Acts:

And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved. (Acts 4:12)

We read this from Philippians 2:9

Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name

Pondering the name and the fact that Jesus’ name is the most highly exalted name in all the universe, led me to visualize this.

Praise Him today that you know His name in love and gratitude as a person not only professing Jesus but possessing Jesus in faith, as RC Sproul would say. We love the Name because we know the Person who revealed Himself to us in that name. He is high and lifted up. May the name of Jesus resound in your heart in faith, love, gratitude, and awe.



We will receive a new name:

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who conquers I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, with a new name written on the stone that no one knows except the one who receives it.’ (Revelation 2:17)


Hagar was the only Bible person to name God. She named Him El Roi, The God Who Sees.

She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” (Genesis 16:13)

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You are not alone- Jesus sees you!

We have a God who sees! You do not have to feel alone. You do not have to feel like He is distant from you. You do not have to feel like an insignificant speck, alone in your troubles.


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