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Jack Kelley has died


Many of you are familiar with writer Jack Kelley. He ran a website called Grace Thru Faith and on it he wrote many essays explaining the Bible from his interpretation. Apparently he had been sick to his stomach for a few weeks, unable to keep anything down. His (I assume wife) Samantha took him to the hospital due to symptoms of dehydration. After extensive tests they discovered cancer riddling his body. They put Mr Kelley in hospice care immediately.

Now it is reported that Mr Kelley has died. The end came very quickly for him. He went from feeling merely unwell, to hospital, to end of life care, to death, to eternity. The following was posted on his website today:

Monday, October 19th, 2015
Update: Last night after a beautiful time of prayer and worship over him, Jack went home to meet his Savior. It wasn’t the healing I, and so many others, had asked and believed for. But it is, in Jack’s words, the ultimate healing. Below are the words that he wrote in 2006 that bring me comfort in this while my heart is broken. I pray they give you comfort as well. 

A Bible Study by Jack Kelley
The following question was emailed to our “Ask a Bible Teacher” column this week. Since it’s such an important question, I’m responding in our feature article format so as to provide greater detail. This will also allow more people to see it, because it’s a question we’ve all asked. Continue reading

I’ve mentioned that I disagreed with Mr Kelley on many of his biblical interpretations regarding bearing fruit, Calvinism, Catholicism, and young earth. My point is, he knows the truth now. The end can come at any time for any person. Do you know what you believe? Do you know why you believe it? Are you sure that what you believe is in line with the Bible? How do you know?

Though we sin daily, we need not fear standing before the Lord when we are called home through death or the rapture. It could be fairly sudden as it was for Mr Kelley. Death could come nearly instantly, like when my Christ-denying father failed to yield at an intersection, was hit, and died at the scene. When Mr Kelley went to the hospital I’m sure he never expected to be put in hospice care that day. When my father got in his car to drive into town I’m sure he never expected to end up a few moments later at his eternal destination.

If you’re putting off witnessing to a person, thinking, “I’ll get to it tomorrow” there might not be a tomorrow for that person- or for you. Life holds many surprises. The very next breath we draw could be our last. Or the breath we expect to be our last might turn out to be one of many more.

yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. (James 4:14)

Anyway I just wanted you to be aware of the news regarding Mr Kelley. I know some of you read his site.

You have made my days a mere handbreadth; the span of my years is as nothing before you. Everyone is but a breath, even those who seem secure. (Psalm 39:5)


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