Airport closed after UFO sighting and radar confirmation

Interesting story.

Flights diverted, delayed as UFO detected hovering
“An unidentified flying object (UFO) disrupted air traffic over Zhejiang’s provincial capital Hangzhou late on Wednesday, the municipal government said on Thursday. Xiaoshan Airport was closed after the UFO was detected at around 9 pm, and some flights were rerouted to airports in the cities of Ningbo and Wuxi, said an airport spokesman, who declined to be named. The airport had resumed operations, and more details will be released after an investigation, he said. A source with knowledge of the matter, however, told China Daily on Thursday that authorities had learned what the UFO was after an investigation. But it was not the proper time to publicly disclose the information because there was a military connection, he said, adding that an official explanation is expected to be given on Friday.”

The Australian News said this:
“A Chinese airport was dramatically shut down after baffled air traffic controllers spotted an incoming UFO on their radar systems. Planes were grounded and flights were diverted away from Xiaoshan airport in Hangzhou City, in the country’s east, after the mysterious glowing object appeared on monitoring instruments late Wednesday night, the Shanghai Daily reported. In a further twist, the closure followed several supposed sightings of a strange airborne object across the city, with locals reportedly seeing a comet-like fireball in the sky. … However meteorological experts poured cold water on the supposed sightings, suggesting that people had seen nothing more sinister than sunlight reflecting off conventional aircraft.”

All agreed that they had seen something with their own eyes. All agreed that what they had seen defied explanation. And all agreed that it was confirmed on radar, so much so that the Chinese grounded planes for 4 hours. That is an extraordinary action! But the explanations of what it was conflict. One report said that it was military in nature, and another said that it was meteorological in nature.

Was it a conventional plane? Was is a secret military operation? Was it an off-planet UFO? I’ll be waiting to see if the Chinese come through on their promise to provide an explanation on Friday. If I find one, I’ll post an update.