Wars and rumors of wars: but what KIND of war?

There were no buyers or sellers on the US stock market for period of time yesterday. Stocks plunged then bounced wildly. CNBC said there were literally no bids, no buyers.  That means liquidity totally dried up in the market … Stocks were completely worthless for a period of time yesterday … Think for a moment about what that means … and what caused it. A thousand point stock market plunge took the US financial world by storm and made the rest of the already skittish world more skittish.

The People In The Know immediately identified the issue as a computer glitch but were baffled by it.  As soon as I read that I thought the same question I thought on Wednesday after three oil wells/refineries experienced ‘incidents’: “Are we under attack?” LOL, I wish I’d had the time to flesh out the thought yesterday, before it was widely reported today that “Plunge in US equities remains a mystery” but that the “White House doesn’t rule out sabotage in Thursday’s wild market fluctuation“.

We know that in Matthew 24:6 Jesus told the disciples that those in the end time should expect “Wars and rumors of wars… When we think “war” we think in terms of conventional war, like in WWII, armies of roughly similar size and strength, fighting for territory. But lately asymmetrical war has been the norm, as smaller terrorist organizations and smaller states rise to infamy. In Andrew J. Mack’s 1975 article “Why Big Nations Lose Small Wars” “asymmetric” referred simply to a significant disparity in power between opposing actors in a conflict. The article garnered little attention at the time.

Nowadays the notion is gaining much attention. Military authors of today tend to use the term “asymmetric” to refer to the indirect nature of the strategies many weak actors adopt, such as guerrilla warfare, insurgency, terrorism, counterinsurgency, and counterterrorism. (source). So I ask you, if an enemy weaker in numbers or bombs wants to attack or cripple us, what would it take? Perhaps attacking our infrastructure, perhaps putting a bomb in a car and parking it in Times Square? Or perhaps hacking with the stock market computers, wiping out a trillion dollars? Perhaps all three at once, because the main element in any war is the unexpected. What would Hezbollah do, attack us outright, or engage in behind-the-scenes hacking and monkeying? What would North Korea do, Syria, Iran? Any nation with fewer men and materiel who have stated they want us dead or crippled would not come at us frontwise but asymmetrically. Are we in a war but don’t know it?

“Wars and rumors of wars”, just wondering if these myriad incidents, failures, and glitches are an example of an ongoing asymmetric warfare, and if we are under attack. Wars and rumors of wars … this ain’t your father’s war anymore.