Crazy weather and fearful events

The weather certainly has been crazy lately. Jesus said to watch for His signs of His coming. Some of those signs are earthquakes, roaring and tossing seas, storms and fearful events, famines, pestilences, and more. A freak hailstorm occurred in Melbourne yesterday that has definitely freaked people out. The storm was severe and caused much damage to the city. Worse than that, though, was its suddenness and unexpectedness. An eyewitness reports:

Melbourne: “I was there having coffee, the sky turned grey within seconds. Withinsecond, hail storm. Within 3 minutes, the street has gone chaos. It was a wave pool and flying branches and bins.”

Eyewitness reports: “I was caught in this freak hailstorm that came without any warning. The hail storm caused massive damage not only in the city but also across the state. Some people say they will never recover from the traumatic experience.”

Golf ball sized hail damaged many roofs and pedestrians huddled under awnings and in doorways to escape injury.

Newsweek magazine recently asked the question: “Are Earthquakes Getting Worse?” The same question was asked of a seismologist by a Fox news correspondent in the wake of the Chile earthquake. The Lord said that earthquakes would be a sign of His return, and for us to keep watch. Even the secular folk know that something is amiss and now are starting to ask questions. But are they asking the right questions? A search on Twitter for “Mother Nature” and “weather” yielded a trove of chats where people are commenting on the crazy doings of the weather:

Miami: “Yes. Mother Nature is going crazy. Another weird thing: March is beach time for Floridians. It’s chilly,here. We’re wearing sweaters”

Seattle: “Flowers are blooming everywhere and it’s crazy! This weather has put mother nature into a tizzy! (not that I’m complaining)”

Pacific Northwest: “Mother nature is seriously going CRAZY. Earthquakes in Haiti & Chile. Now, people are saying that there’s gonna be a huge earthquake in Washington & Oregon. WOW, SERIOUSLY?!”

Atlanta: “Yo Mother Nature been PMS lately with all this crazy weather”

Brooklyn: “Its crazy…everywhere has earthquakes….no escaping mother nature”

California: “Ahh! What’s up w/the sky?! it’s pouring, it’s sunny, it’s hailing w/thunder and lightning – so crazy! Mother nature is very capricious.”

But a similar search for the terms “God” and “Weather” yielded zero results. There are so many signs and fearful events and earthquakes that people are noticing, and people are talking and asking about them. Now that they have noticed that the freak weather is becoming the norm, it is making them very nervous, uncertain, and fearful.

“Strange phenomenon occurred in Argentina. The citizens of Guernica were surprised by a strange cone-shaped cloud that rose more than 12 kilometers above the rest of the clouds. From inside this strange formation could be seen large rays that frightened the spectators. Many witnesses say may be a harbinger of some new catastrophe in the region after the earthquake in Chile.”

In one sense, it is good that people are connecting strange weather and sky signs with harbingers of more, that is what the birth pangs are supposed to do. In Luke 21:25, Jesus said there will be “roaring and tossing seas”, and in Luke 21:11 “fearful events and great signs from heaven.” Fearful events such as massive waves unexpectedly slamming a cruise ship, killing two passengers? Or fearful events such as  the entire Pacific basin – a quarter of the earth’s population –  preparing for a tsunami? Or fearful events such as a massive wave that washes away a bus full of retirees?
The foundations upon which most of the world has laid their cornerstone are the wrong ones. The signs God is sending are designed to remind earth dwellers that He is in control of the foundations of the world. God is stripping away those false foundations of finance, economy, materialism, infrastructure, weather manipulation, and even shaking the seas and the earth. We are not in control, HE is. This dawning realization makes for fearful people, eyeing the sky askance, wondering what next it will bring. One can only pray that their fear will turn into realization that it is God speaking to us.