Man’s house burns, Jesus picture doesn’t

A man’s house burned down, but his picture of Jesus didn’t. Miracle! Otherwise, forensic firefighters would have to explain why all the other combustible things in the room burned, including other pictures, but this paper remained intact inside of 1000 degrees. LOL, Jesus is amazing. “and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Mt 28:20

Jesus Picture Is The Only Wall Hanging To Survive Fire
Greensboro, NC — The day after Raymond Kennedy’s home burned down he says a firefighter pulled him inside what use to be his living room and told him to look around. Kennedy’s first response was, “I looked around and said, ‘Everything is destroyed.’ and he said, ‘Look at that picture of Jesus’.”

On an outside wall of the home, right next to the front door hung a paper picture of Jesus Christ. The frame was covered in soot, the glass covering the picture was covered in soot and broken away, but the picture remained intact. Kennedy was shocked when he finally noticed it, “It was extraordinary to me. I mean, I got cold chills on the back of my neck. I was just like, ‘I cannot believe that picture did not burn.’.” Kennedy said he was surprised because all the other photos burned behind the glass before it broke away, “Doesn’t make any sense. A piece of paper in over 1000 degree heat would just disentegrate. All the other ones did. All the other pictures in here, there is nothing left.”

He’s not the only one in awe. Once word spread through his neighborhood, people started stopping by to check it out. “There would be ten people walking around and I was like ‘What are they doing around the house?’. I come up and they were like, ‘You need to call someone about the picture of Jesus in the living room. We’ve walked through your house and everything is completely destroyed. For you to have a picture hanging right beside it that’s completely destroyed, but Jesus is not – that is really special. Jesus was looking over yall’.”

Kennedy is convinced it’s not a coincidence, “When we get another place we’re going to hang it just so we can look at it and know that we was taken care of.”
WFMY News 2

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