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Dedication of the wall: what happened next

By Elizabeth Prata

The Israelites had been carried off to Babylon. The dispersal came at God’s hand as a fulfillment of the promise H’d made to them, that if they didn’t repent He would punish them. They didn’t, so He did what He said He was going to do: defeat them and allow them to be carried off.

After a while, God put it in Nehemiah’s mind to return, and to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem and to restore Jerusalem itself. The first wave of returnees had already gotten back and they were in distress, living in a ruined city with enemies all around, and no protective wall. God put it on the heart of workers Nehemiah led to work fast and well, despite obstacles in opposing armies, mocking, lies, and any and all obstructions the enemies of God could throw in their way. And there were a lot of obstructions. But they got the job done. Continue reading “Dedication of the wall: what happened next”