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The Unspeakable Pride of False Teachers

By Elizabeth Prata

Regarding the strange video Beth Moore made of herself and posted on Instagram. She filmed herself working out in pajamas, slippers, and bed head. The point of her video was to reassure her followers just how normal she is.

She panned the camera to show her slippers working the step on her elliptical machine, took care to pan up to the lump of bed hair that wouldn’t lay down, and to note that she is still in pajamas, to which she gestured.

Moore opened the video by saying she thought she would share with us how “glamorous” she is, how “glamorous the ministry” is, of course meaning the opposite. She explained to no one who had asked, that she had taught the night before and well, when you arrive home you’re wound up. Beth said you have to wash some clothes and clean the kitchen and all that. Who can sleep? And well, when she awoke this morning she “ministered through a little devotional thread on social media”. She coyly explained that was why she was still in her PJs and she had to work out before going to work. “You need to see me on my elliptical in my house shoes” Moore said. So she thought she would just share.

If you think this is a humility, it isn’t. It is a video actually demonstrating the enormous quantities of pride she has in herself. How? What she is really doing is reassuring her followers that she is just like them. She really isn’t exceptional, admirable, or dare we say, godlike, as we probably think she is. She is really just like us mere humans, not so very different from us commonplace minions. Yet because she made an entire video about how normal she is, of course she believes the opposite is true. The lady doth protest too much. The unintended message of the video is pride.

False teachers and pride

False teachers’ hearts contain a huge amount of pride, and a huge amount of greed. (1 Timothy 6:5). When people say “You can’t say she or he is a false teacher, because you don’t know their heart,” the Bible tells us exactly what is in their heart. If you have determined that they teach another Gospel or another Jesus and are therefore false, then their hearts WILL be known to us, at least to the extent the Bible reveals- and it reveals a lot. Let’s take a look at the false teacher’s prideful heart.

1 Timothy 6:4 says that those who teach contrary to good doctrine are conceited and know nothing. A synonym for conceited is prideful. Beginning in verse 2,

These are the things you are to teach and insist on. 3 If anyone teaches otherwise and does not agree to the sound instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ and to godly teaching, 4 they are conceited and understand nothing. They have an unhealthy interest in controversies and quarrels about words that result in envy, strife, malicious talk, evil suspicions

As a side note, if you wonder why Beth Moore is always in the news, it isn’t because the mean people won’t leave her alone, it is because she does exactly as the verse says false teachers do: stir up controversies. In fact, false teachers have a unhealthy interest in quarrels and they promote malicious talk and evil suspicions. As for the pride issue, explains

Like Satan declaring that he will be like the Most High (Is 14:14), false teachers are consumed with themselves and their ideas. Peter described false teachers as “speaking high-sounding but empty words they are able to entice” (2 Peter 2:17). They may do this by boasting about their wealth, their spiritual experiences, or their new revelation. They commonly exalt themselves before others.

False teachers are wordsmiths adept in manipulating language to come across as who they want to appear. Because they need to gain a following and because they rely on their followers’ money (followers have been made merchandise of) this means the false teachers normally want to be seen as sincere, trustworthy, kind, and relatable. They work hard to appear so, even making ridiculous videos. In fact they are rapacious, prideful, greedy, godless, insincere liars. Such is a Beth Moore.

Rapacious : Matthew 7:15
Prideful :1 Timothy 6:4
Godless : 2 Timothy 3:5
Greedy : 2 Peter 2:3
Insincere liars : 1 Timothy 4:2



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8 thoughts on “The Unspeakable Pride of False Teachers

  1. Well, I don’t know you and i don’t know her, but Obviously she thought came off a big win in her mind but felt someone might be jealous. When you feel you are on the mountain there is a bit of pride in that. That doesn’t mean thats wrong.
    The issue of her wanting to communicate she is normal shows she has some sense of a public perception. Its more likely she had a conversation with one of her staff and they suggested she do the video. While it likely wasn’t needed she chose to do it.

    You throwing serious insults out against someone may be more concerning than her actions. I hire companies to do work on homes i work in. And they have employees. Some times I want to interfere with what one is doing, but instead I call their boss. And then he or she brings the issue to his worker. Its a gray area. God expects the same. If you have a problem with one of his workers, bring it to him. Its one thing to speak against false doctrine that a person is telling and in that way attack them, its another thing just to attack them.


    1. She is a false teacher. I noted that in the article, yet you didn’t ask me for more information. Where is your diligence? Since she is a false teacher her motivations for doing things is explicitly outlined in the Bible. I noted that with scripture, yet you ignored all the verses. As far as me supposedly ‘making serious charges’, you charged me with lots of stuff. Log, meet eye.

      This is the second time you’ve commented and negatively so, making ad hominem accusations and ignoring the biblical foundation upon which we are supposed to discourse. Please refrain from that in future, and stick to biblical and kind conversations. If you choose to persist in this way, I’ll block you.

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  2. LoL. I was not negative. You are free to block me. I assume the reason you have a comment section is so people will comment.
    Generally when you claim someone is a false teacher, which is a serious accusation, You should provide proof. And your obligation is to your reader, so when I am making Ops I put scripture links in for their benefit. Yes, it takes a lot of work.
    Ed a guy I used to blog with used to make huge statements cutting and pasting in huge amounts of scripture quotes with no links and so if you wanted to respond you would have to take an hour to go to each verse, but most times they where bogus, out of context and not on topic. To me, there is a greater responsibility as Christians to serve not bully and toss scripture around. And yes, this i will block you is what i consider a bully action simply because I disagree with such a harsh smear of someone. Matthew 7:12


    1. LOl> You assumed correctly. That is exactly the reason for the comment section. However commenting is under certain terms, which I outlined (use scripture, be kind, etc).

      I have proof that Beth Moore is a false teacher. If you wanted to know, you just ask. You didn’t ask.

      Your comment “toss scripture around” is perplexing given that commenters (you) and I are discussing biblical things. It is THE basis for truth and the only basis for discourse over issues related to our life of faith.

      Again, Beth Moore is a false teacher, and I have biblical grounds to say so. It is not a smear, it is a fact. Also, this is my platform and stating and then expecting certain conditions to be met in order to discuss with each other is not bullying. I’ll give you one more chance. Again, I expect edification, searching for truth in a collegial and friendly manner, and proper use of scripture.

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  3. Excellent article Elizabeth!
    As usual you are wise with your words and sound in your understanding of scripture !
    Those who love the truth are thankful for all that you do!
    Keep it up !

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