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2018 roundup and thank you

By Elizabeth Prata

Y2K! Stock up! Computers will crash! Hysteria!

That was the year-end feeling on December 31, 1999. It seems like yesterday that the millennium changed and we said goodbye to the 1990s and hello to the 2000s. Now we are looking at climbing into the last year of the second decade of the 2000s! Time flies, it really does.

My Plan for 2019

I started this blog in 2016 in response to a growing concern that increasing social media  mogul scrutiny into what they term ‘hate speech’ left my blogspot blog in perilous condition. If Blogger shut it down for hate speech I’d have lost a ten year archive of 4,600 Christian essays. So I started this blog as a mirror blog to that one. It’s the same content, though the oldest essays didn’t migrate to WordPress because they exceeded the limit.

I’ve been writing this blog every day for ten years. TEN YEARS! Can you believe it! My first essay on the blogspot was posted on January 6, 2009. The blog was born from a weekly newsletter I was composing and sending out via email in 2007-08. That was born from an increasing drift in content from secular essays to Christian ones on my other blog, The Quiet Life. I started that blog in 2006. When it became obvious that my main interest was Christian content, I started this blog so I could maintain a sole Christian theological focus and not mix in recipes or cat stories in it, lol, like I do on my personal blog.

So for 13 years I’ve been writing publicly.

It’s normal, I think, for a Christian blogger or anyone in any kind of ministry to occasionally wonder if it is doing any good. Is it edifying? Is it helping? Is it honoring to Christ? Or is it adding to the general confusion? Am I mature enough to handle the word of God in this public way? Should I quit? Does the Lord want me to move into a different ministry using the gifts of the Spirit in a different manner?

I’ve asked myself all those questions and more. Just because the Lord started me on this path doesn’t mean it’s a forever thing. I was asking myself those ‘take stock’ questions the other day. I received an answer. A kind lady emailed with some encouragement, letting me know that indeed some things I’ve written had alerted her to an unwanted spiritual state, had strengthened her, and had pointed her toward good ministries and sermons.

Not that we look for personal accolades, but we do look for Spirit delivered affirmations that we are obeying in the manner the Lord wants us to obey. I take to heart these signs that the Lord is pleased with the ministry and wants me to continue.

As long as there is even one woman out there who is edified, I’ll continue.

I love writing. I am grateful for this ministry and for the women who read it.

The outlook for 2019 is more writing. I’ll continue in the same vein as I always have been. I’ve tried to do schedules and write on similar topics on each day of the week, but that just doesn’t work for me. My style is more organic. I like waiting to see what the Spirit brings to mind. Don’t you think it’s amazing that for over 4,600 essays every day He has been faithful to bring something to mind? That’s one of the things I love about writing, the clear working of the Spirit to guide my mind into insights, or revealing biblical truths, or helping me adopt a biblical worldview instead of my formerly secular one.

The one series I do is of the more old-fashioned theological stuff I write on Sundays. I’ve been writing about the Word of the Week Since June. I fear a decrease in Christian literacy and a lack of mutual understanding of the important words of the faith. I had with a 22-year-old who was raised in a strong Christian home who was confused between what sanctification and justification meant. I decided on the spot to do my part in promoting the understanding of the important words.

I’ve written in the series that resulted, Word of the Week, about Justification, Transcendence, Immanence, Propitiation, Sanctification, Glorification, Orthodoxy, Heresy, Omniscience, Perspicuity, Aseity, and Immutability. Then in October I shifted to the Fruit of the Spirit, writing about each of the 9 characteristics in succession. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and last week, self-control. I enjoyed that series. I think the Word of the Week is a good Sunday kind of essay. As of now, I plan to continue it.

Launching off the Word of the Week I create scripture photos based on that word, my own visual interpretation of the word, to extend the theme throughout the week. I’ll keep doing the scripture pictures, too.

Top Ten Essays of 2018

The top essays this year on this blog (it’s different on the other End Time Blogspot blog, interestingly) are below. Here is the rundown-

1. Two divorce cases: Looking at Summer White and Melissa Moore’s divorces wase the number one essay on The End Time wordpress version. In that 2016 essay, I had examined the reasons for and behavior of two prominent women serving in Christian ministries that have a global impact: Summer White (daughter of James White) and Melissa Moore (daughter of Beth Moore). I’d explored the following questions:

If the adult children or the wife of a leader sins, does that mean the leader falls below biblical standard for acceptable leadership? When the children are minors and living under the leader’s roof, certainly there is no doubt since the scripture is clear. But what if the child is 22 years old? 32 years old? 42 years old? Certainly if the sinning adult child is involved in the parent’s ministry then that adult child should be asked to step away. When it was revealed that RC Sproul Jr. had been involved in the Ashley Madison adultery site, he was temporarily suspended from the ministry that was founded and is led by his father, RC Sproul Sr. The actions (sins) of the adult child do impact the ministry of the elder, especially if the younger is involved in the ministry. I’ve come across two situations where adult children of a leading Bible teacher have divorced: James R. White’s daughter Summer and Beth Moore’s daughter Melissa. Remember, divorce is a sin. It bears mentioning because Christians often focus on other ‘big sins’ to the exclusion of divorce.

2. The Home Page with archives was #2. People must have it bookmarked.

3. Lifestyles of the mega-rich pastors with estates and private jets: You’ll be shocked to see who is among them (OK it’s Beth Moore). The ridiculous extravagance of some of the word of faith preachers such as Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen with their jets and mansions and vacation homes and gold commodes is well known. Less well known is that Beth Moore is reaching the same benchmark in greed and accumulated wealth. Using primary documents such as various city GIS maps with property valuations, IRS returns (all of which is public), and her own public words, I showed that undeniably Beth Moore is living a lifestyle far from her carefully presented one. Interestingly the number one search query leading people to this site is ‘Beth Moore Net Worth’. How much these non-profit ministries make and how the Bible teachers live is important. It’s a fact that Moore is not a down-home sister, but is in theology and in lifestyle more similar to Joyce Meyer and Victoria Osteen.

As a matter of fact 7 of the top 10 search queries that bring people to this blog involve Beth Moore. As I said, she looms large.

4. Is Billy Graham in heaven? The 99 1/2 year old evangelist died in February of this year. I posted the essay asking the question the same day. I used primary documents and quotations from the man to show that despite his world wide acclaim as a great evangelist, Graham held unorthodox views that seriously tilted the answer to the title question toward “no.” I’d ended the essay by saying-

“What I hope is that Billy Graham will be in heaven. What I fear is, that he is not.”

5. In 2016 I wrote about One more reason to avoid Lysa TerKeurst of Elevation Church

In case anyone wonders if discernment essays are still needed, they are. Two years after I wrote that essay women are still looking for information on Lysa’s ever growing ministry. Ladies please, please, just read your Bible. Most Bible studies aimed at women from the Christian publishing industry continually promote lies (Heaven tourism and God Spoke to Me genre), proffer error-ridden books (Beth Moore, Sarah Young), wind up diverting you from your own fellowship (Great Banquet/De Colores/Walk to Emmaus) or give you books and studies that simply weaken you. The mainstream publishing industry is not your friend. Neither are the parachurch organizations like If Gathering and the ladies ministry conferences glutting the market.

Go to church, read your Bible. Pray. Repeat. No matter how many ladies claiming to have heard from God tempt you to buy their books, there is no magic formula and there are no short cuts.

6. This year’s Book Review of Rachel Hollis’s juggernaut and seriously silly book Girl, Wash Your Face made it to #6. This was only 4 months ago, which tells you in the face of 411 other essays I wrote this year just how popular Hollis’s book was and is.

7.  Beth Moore looms large. Her publishing blitz since 1995 with the issuing of her first ‘study’, A Woman’s Heart – God’s Dwelling Place Bible, launched her writing career. By 2018 and 342 published materials later her glut goes unabated. Books, studies, Spanish editions, CDs and audio books, leader guides, fiction books, DVD’s, storm the Christian world year after disgustingly relentless year. In 2015 Moore even delved into acting, taking a speaking part in the War Room movie. She continues to make news, and not in a good way. In 2018 Moore tweeted something that insightful believers would know is effectually an anointing of Kevin Jones as a Third Adam.

Moore is seriously an evil influence on women in Christendom. I’ve collected a list discernment essays written by me, other women, and men who critique her ministry, doctrine, and lifestyle. The list begins in 2011 and goes to this day.  So, coming in at #7 is All Beth Moore Critiques in One Place

8. John MacArthur on the Ben Shapiro Show was published just a few weeks ago but widespread interest in the steady old pastor and his Gospel-drenched witness to Jewish tv show host Ben Shapiro drew thousands of views. For that I am glad.

9. My “About” page gets a lot of traffic. That’s good. People should be looking at who is writing this stuff, what I believe, and what credentials I have, if any. Check me out, email me with questions or concerns, and don’t just take my word for it, but always read with your Bible open and next to you.

10. Another discernment essay, this one about Ted Dekker and The Forgotten Way, rounds out the top ten list.

Blog Stats: The End Time is not an echo chamber, thankfully!


This year saw a growth in the blog despite having started it just a year and a half ago and not doing anything active for search engine optimization, other than posting new content every day. And despite the glut of millions of blogs, articles, and podcasts all trying to draw the attention of the Christian consumer.

I’m grateful to the Spirit for that. It’s kind of dizzying when I think about what I write going all around the world in an instant. Between the blogspot blog and the wordpress blog this year there were 633,000 views of the material I’ve published.

I remember what John MacArthur said of his ministry when someone asked him if he ever thought it would go far,

Early in my ministry I committed, before the Lord, that I would simply worry about the depth of my ministry, and I would let Him take care of the breadth of it.

Facebook came on strong this year too. On the other blog, I received 49% of my referrals from Facebook and 28% from Pinterest. I don’t know how this plays out on WP because I don’t have the sme kind of stats pak, but I’m sure it’s consistent. That’s the trend. This shows me that the bulk of my readership is female and I’m glad, because ladies are my target audience. It also tells me to curate those social media outlets well.

Thank you for a great year!

Thank you to all my wonderful readers. I truly appreciate you and value you. I appreciate the people who have sent me questions or asked for advice, who have emailed encouragement and sent donations. Thank you for the donations! I am really grateful.

Thank you most of all for your prayers. I love this ministry. Sometimes when things get into a conflict and I have to go against popular opinion, it gets hairy. I am thankful for prayers to strengthen me. I also appreciate prayer that helps me stay doctrinal. Please, please don’t let me drift. That is an important prayer to pray for me, if you are so inclined.

I pray you all have a wonderful New Year! May this year be the year of the rapture!


Christian writer and Georgia teacher's aide who loves Jesus, a quiet life, art, beauty, and children.

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